Challenging the status quo

FRB Capital is a premier financial intermediary focused on arranging debt and equity capital for commercial real estate transactions. We focus on building long term relationships with a very select group of correspondent lenders while offering tailored capabilities to our clients. We understand the unique challenges that come with arranging accretive capital solutions. Since the Great Recession, we have served as trusted advisors of institutions, corporations, families and individuals, providing commercial real estate capital markets guidance based on a thorough understanding of each client’s situation and goals.
We bring proven expertise to bear on every aspect of a client’s transaction without leaving anything to chance. By taking an objective and proactive approach that reflects the nuances and complexities of each client’s situation, we continue to build trusted relationships.

Our capabilities

Our extensive range of practical services are structured to support our clients in every facet of their financial endeavors in the capital sector. We provide expert advice and guidance based on decades of proven execution capabilities.

Our mission

To provide relationship focused, execution driven solutions to clients and partners while setting the benchmark by which to measure knowledge, integrity, and professionalism of financial intermediaries.

Why FRB Capital

We take a tailored approach for each one of our clients, considering their circumstances, goals, and expectations before developing a personalized plan that addresses every facet of the project.

Expertise where it matters most

Our expertise lie within sophisticated international financing techniques a dynamic factor in the real estate market. Our platform of real estate finance experts have negotiated a wide range of commercial real estate transactions through our innovative capital structures to the benefit of our clients.

Industry Affiliations