FRB continues to produce impressive and consistent results, achieving its primary objective to deliver optimal execution capabilities for clients. As a fully integrated commercial real estate financial intermediary, we offer a breadth of services covering all components of the capital stack, across all asset classes with no geographic constraints. Internally FRB operates its own loan syndication desk and equity placement platform, which enables us to significantly mitigate execution risk. FRB’s dedicated and ambitious team is looking to capitalize on its success of providing best in class financial services to a broad spectrum of sponsors and investors.

Debt Capital

Debt Capital

FRB Capital understands the unique challenges that come with arranging accretive debt capital solutions. We blend innovative techniques based on our expertise in commercial real estate finance to execute complex assignments on behalf of our clients. Our approach is based on each client’s situation and goals. FRB Capital has built trusted, effective relationships with a number of life insurance companies, banks, debt funds, institutional money managers, pension fund managers, and sovereign wealth funds. This assists us as the intermediary in delivering bespoke solutions and reliable financial counsel.

The right solution for your business

Partner with FRB Capital and profit from our carefully crafted relationships and institutional capabilities. We seek to understand your needs and utilize our connections for effective financial solutions.

Structured Finance

Structured Finance

As with all of our offerings, our structured debt solutions are recommended based on the client’s needs and circumstances. The goal is to maximize leverage which minimizes higher-cost equity. When they work together, these solutions create the most efficient cost of capital for our clients. We offer both bridge loans and mezzanine debt solutions.

Low risk, high reward

Our structured debt solutions create a blend of services that carry your investment to its maximum potential while providing the support of an expert team.

Equity Placement

Equity Placement

This is the most vital and challenging component of the commercial real estate capital stack. We understand the challenges and leverage relationships with life companies, real estate debt funds, private investment firms, REITS, opportunity funds, sovereign wealth funds, and foreign banks, to secure the required capital to fill the equity gap.

Sound management of investment capital

Our investment profile arranges equity capital for global real estate sponsors who have limited co-investment capital but require infrastructure and sound management.

Loan Syndications

Loan Syndications

Our loan syndication platform emerged organically out of the necessity to syndicate larger loans amongst a small group of local banks. We mitigate credit risk exposure by forming a syndicate which spreads the risk across multiple lending institutions. We manage the entire backend process between lending parties and the borrower to reduce execution risk while enforcing contractual obligations. Through this, the client is able to secure conventional terms for larger, more complex transactions that would otherwise trade in the high yield debt markets.

Your personal corporate risk manager

In our managing role, we are able to leverage the arbitrage to secure competitive terms for the most complex assignments through a mix of bank syndicates. This provides optimal execution capabilities.

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FRB Capital is always ready to discuss relevant financing opportunities that fit the parameters of our program and value proposition. Please feel free contact our originations team to discuss custom and creative solutions to your commercial real estate financing needs.


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