H.E. Rogatien Biaou

Senior International Advisor

His Excellency, Mr. Rogatien Biaou currently serves as Senior International Advisor. Former Minister of Foreign Affairs and Ambassador he brings sound and disciplined guidance to bear with four decades of experience in International Affairs and the United Nations Diplomatic Corps.

Over the course of his diplomatic career, Mr. Biaou has established long standing relationships with Heads of States, Economic thought leaders, Managers of Sovereign Wealth and International Finance Agencies across the globe.

An accomplished Diplomat and Expert negotiator, Mr. Biaou continues to advocate the principles of Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance for economic and social justice around the world. Mr. Biaou served as Chairman for the Group of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the Nordic and African States, Honorary President for the UN Security Council (2005), Non-Permanent Member of the UN Security Council (2004-2005), Chairman of the Ministerial Group of Emerging Markets of the United Nations (2003-2006), Knight of the National Order, Republic of Benin.